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Understand scheduling logic

Posted by Luca DP 
Understand scheduling logic
November 08, 2017 12:27PM
Hello brothers!!
I'm in trouble.
I can not understand the scheduling logic of CLMExplore.
I noticed that for several times the students are scheduled for the demonstration (and not as an assistant), and others, on the other hand, do so many times as assistants and do not demonstrate.

Am I wrong?

I normally follow this logic:
For Biblical reading, I plan for the brothers who have demonstrated in the past few months and followed those that are used only for reading (so that the latter are not too close to the prevoius part)
For Demonstrations: I plan (with respect to the chronological order) the sisters that they used to serve as assistants and in addition the brothers who done biblical reading.
For Servants: I schedule (in keeping with the chronological order) the sisters and brothers who have done the demonstrations in the past.

If there are other useful and functioning logics, would it be possible to give the user the choice of the logic to use?
Re: Understand scheduling logic
November 08, 2017 01:37PM
Hi Luca. Normally, CLME tries to alternate assignment types. But this is not always possible if there is an imbalance in the numbers of available participants who qualify to give a certain part.

Don't use Autofill next time. Click Select... and sort by Best Fit. Autofill would have chosen the top person in this list.

If you see discrepancies in the sort order of this list, email me your data file and an explanation of why you think itis wrong. Cite a specific example.

Robert Hudson
Stoney Creek Congregation, Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Author CLM Explorer
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