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Procedure for 2018

Posted by David Frederickson 
Procedure for 2018
November 09, 2017 04:44PM
I have a question regarding procedure not regarding this program so please bear with me, I am hoping for a "multitude of counsellors" for insight.

Currently we show the videos presentations to the entire congregation after the Bible reading during the first week of each month.
Starting 2018, the Chairman will consider 1 video each meeting after the bible reading and after we have split into separate schools. For those of you with more than 1 school, how do you plan to do this. We don't really have a lot of options, my thought was to have the second school overseer turn up the volume and open the blinds in our second school for the video but timing is always a factor, not every talk will be the same length and counsel points will vary as well. My concern is that the second school will miss part of the video presentation or that the main hall will have to wait for the second school to catch up.

Does anyone have any thoughts or am I just over thinking this?

These are the only instructions I could find.....
Sample Conversation Videos: 4 or 5 minutes. One video of a model conversation will be played and discussed during each of the first three weeks of the month. These videos will feature the initial call, the first return visit, and the second return visit. This part will be handled by the Life and Ministry Meeting chairman.

I appreciate your thoughts and thank you Rob for this forum that allows us to discuss questions and concerns with each other.

David Frederickson
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Re: Procedure for 2018
November 09, 2017 05:57PM
Hi David, you're welcome!

In our congregation, like many others I'm sure, we have a video monitor in the aux. class. I imagine we'll be using this for the video.

As for timing, there is a minute or 2 "buffer" between the parts to allow for counsel. So if a part runs a bit overtime, the aux. counselor would have to skip his remarks and start right into the video.

I think it will be a learning experience for all of us to adapt to the exciting new meeting curriculum.

Robert Hudson
Stoney Creek Congregation, Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Author CLM Explorer
Re: Procedure for 2018
November 12, 2017 10:25AM
Thanks Rob,

That makes sense, in our hall we are still using a screen and a projector. We are applying to the LDC for permission to get monitors. I will include a request for a monitor for the second school.

Thanks again.

David Frederickson
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Re: Procedure for 2018
November 12, 2017 01:05PM
Dear David

Had you had a look at paragraph 16 in the S-38 instructions which provide guidance about this?

When a sample conversation video is discussed, those in the auxiliary classroom should view or listen to the discussion from the auxiliary location, if possible. Otherwise, the counselor should handle the video and discussion using a mobile device.

I hope this helps.

Your brother

Re: Procedure for 2018
November 18, 2017 03:25PM
Thanks Andrew,

I appreciate your input.

David Frederickson
Calgary, Alberta Canada
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