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Posted by wrobi68 
November 12, 2016 09:48AM
Hello Robert,

i really like the auto fill function and I thought, I used it wisely.
But in October I realized, that 24 brothers and sister of 73 had just 1 or 2 talks this year, but have been the partner 5 times.
On the other side, 11 had the opposite: 5 or 6 talks, 1x partner.

In a former post you wrote: "It basically uses an even and fair rotation of who's turn it is to have a talk."

It feels, like the program recognizes only, that s.o. took part, wether talk or partner - and decides, that this person dont´t have to be "autofilled" for the next times.
For example: if I decide manually that s.o. has to be the partner, he won´t get a talk in the next month(s), in spite of he had no talk for a long time ago.

Do you have a clue what went wrong? How do I prevent this issue in future? Should I purge the talk history?

Many thanks in advance!

Jürgen Wroblewski
LaMMO Villingen-West
Re: Autofill
November 04, 2017 02:20PM
Hello Jürgen,

I noticed simmilar things here. We have 17 elders, but the last months had barely a part to attend. This exludes being the chairman, that goes well. We are about 8 chairmans and everybody gets his turn every 2 months.

This is the first time I noticed this altough working with tmsware more than a year.

Have you been able to see the problem?

O. Ferrin
Re: Autofill
November 05, 2017 05:48PM
I cannot comment on the rotation of assignments as populated using AutoFill. However I do know that the author of CLME discourages use of it. I never use it.

For what it is worth, from a COBE perspective, I don't populate assignments from top to bottom as they appear in CLME dialogue screen. This is so that each brother gets an even share or rotation of assignments. I populate the assignments in this order:
  1. Chairman
  2. CBS Conductor
  3. Second school counsellor (if there is one)
  4. TFGW
  5. LAC parts one and two.
  6. Digging

This means that the chairman (we rotate chairman locally) is always different each week, as is the CBS.
Manually entering the personnel also ensures that the meeting program assignment is 'suitable' for the brother assigned that portion.

Seems to work for me anyway.

Simon W
Kawaha Rotorua NZ
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