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Student Report

Posted by AllanD 
Student Report
May 13, 2017 02:27AM
Hi Robert,
Is it possible to have a 'simple' students report, i.e. just the name, and what their currently working on. It would just take up (depending on size of school) 2 or 3 A4 sheets?
regards, Allan.

Allan Dyson
Holmfirth Congregation
West Yorkshire UK
Re: Student Report
May 13, 2017 09:40PM
Have you tried the 'Export' feature? Found in the file menu. See below:

Simon W
Kawaha Rotorua NZ
Re: Student Report
July 14, 2017 09:37AM
Hi Simon,
Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thanks very much I really appreciate it.
Re: Student Report
September 26, 2017 04:35PM
Hi Simon

Thanks for this information. I have been trying to run a report and did not realise this export function was in the file menu. I had been running the report student information in the reports area and of course it is a lengthy word document and too long and time consuming to edit. Not I have the spreadsheet and much easier to manipulate.

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