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Calendar Grid

Posted by Heath Foster 
Calendar Grid
April 22, 2016 10:54AM
I find the export calendar grid very helpful as it lets me sort by number of talks given to see how evenly the parts are being distributed. It also lets me see in one place which parts each brother has been assigned.

It would be helpful if I could export only the servants or if the servants could be listed on a separate sheet in excel.
Even better would be if the sort feature and option to separate servants were available in the calendar tool in the program without having to export.

One problem I have found is that the number of talks in the calendar tool and in the exported calendar grid do not match. They both show the same talks on the same dates but the exported grid shows a higher number for some brothers. After a little investigating I think the difference comes from when a brother who is already assigned a part also fills in for another brother on the same night. It looks like the the calendar tool does not count both talks but the exported grid does. Both the tool and the grid only show one talk on those dates (the fill in talk, not the assigned talk).
Re: Calendar Grid
April 22, 2016 10:59AM
One easy way to enable sorting by servants might be to include the "role" field as a check box when exporting calendar grid.
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