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Send email to the chairmen

Posted by kris.sistrunk 
Send email to the chairmen
October 27, 2016 06:57AM

Perhaps this feature exist, if not it would be nice to send and email to the chairmen for the assigned weeks.

I would like to send them the overview and worksheets.

In our congregation the chairman typically also does the school. I understand others congregations divide the task, so perhaps check boxes would be an option.

What do you think?

Kris Sistrunk
Ingelheim English Germany
Re: Send email to the chairmen
November 01, 2016 12:03PM

You can already send them a reminder by hitting the reminders button in reports. If you want to send the documents, hit the distribute button and all the reports will be created in a folder where you want them to (like to the desktop). Then, when you send your reminders, attach the document along with it.

The documents have to be created first in order to email them, so Robert's design is the most efficient way because you don't always want to recreate or send the docs every time you send a reminder, as an example (I send at least two reminders during the month/week of the meeting).

Hope that helps!

Darrell Vandergrifft
Palmaire Congregation
Glendale, Arizona
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